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Unfortunately, this division becomes apparent to ansible users because ansible needs to operate on the group of packages in a single transaction and yum requires groups to be specified in different ways when used in that way. Package groups are specified as “@development-tools” and environment groups are “@^gnome-desktop-environment”. 09.02.2020 · They are like a to-do list for Ansible that contains a list of tasks. Playbooks contain the steps which the user wants to execute on a particular machine. Playbooks are run sequentially. Playbooks are the building blocks for all the use cases of Ansible. Playbook Structure. Each playbook is an aggregation of one or more plays in it. Note. When used with a loop of package names in a playbook, ansible optimizes the call to the yum module. Instead of calling the module with a single package each time through the loop, ansible calls the module once with all of the package names from the loop.

ansible-playbook--syntax-check sampleplaybook.yml -i ansible_hosts. I hope this article gave you some solid base on what is Ansible playbook and I know you might still have questions. the best way to learn is to explore and practice. So keep writing many playbooks and you can share it with us in the comments or send them to me. index: ansible.git darkserver denyhosts easyfix letsencrypt master openqa openvpn_handler rawhide-greenwave secarch ansible playbook/files/etc repository for fedora infrastructure. Create and Run Your First Network Ansible Playbook ¶ If you want to run this command every day, you can save it in a playbook and run it with ansible-playbook instead of ansible. The playbook can store a lot of the parameters you provided with flags at the command line,. By making use of the yum module available with Ansible we could easily extract this information about our inventory and store it appropriately for future use. In this article, we will share an Ansible playbook that will consist of three tasks. The first task will list all packages currently installed on the system.

Ansible Yum Playbook

For those used to /usr/bin/chmod remember that modes are actually octal numbers. You must either add a leading zero so that Ansible's YAML parser knows it is an octal number like 0644 or 01777 or quote it like '644' or '1777' so Ansible receives a string and can do its own conversion from string into number. The ansible yum documentation page has some related info on this. Installing multiple packages. If you need to install various packages you don’t have to give it in separate tasks. You can use the ‘with_items’ statement to loop through a list of packages. 01.08.2017 · The Playbook itself was barely longer than that sentence! While this Playbook was run against one host, it could be run against dozens or hundreds or more with very little changed as long as the concepts mentioned earlier are followed. In Tower, this Playbook could be placed in a job template to be run on a group of servers on AWS or locally. Playbooks¶ Playbooks are Ansible’s configuration, deployment, and orchestration language. They can describe a policy you want your remote systems to enforce, or a set of steps in a general IT process. If Ansible modules are the tools in your workshop, playbooks are your instruction manuals, and your inventory of hosts are your raw material.

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