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Rib pain can be a frightening and while there are ample causes of rib pain that may be serious, this can actually be a symptom of anxiety for some people. While only a doctor can diagnose your rib pain, anyone living with anxiety should mention their anxiety to their doctor. While you may just have sore ribs from coughing, there are other conditions that can cause the soreness as well. As always, it is important to go to your doctor for a diagnosis to make sure that your symptoms are not a sign of a more serious ailment. Hell, yes. The intercostal muscles take a helluva beating during the vomiting process, going into near tetany at times. See below from Wikipedia. Delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days. Bruised Ribs Symptoms and Causes: We have 24 ribs in the rib cage which protect our internal organs and help us breathe. Bruised Ribs or fracture generally occur from a direct blow to the torso or chest by a car accident, significant fall or by a hard it of any edgy object or heavy object.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Greene on my rib cage is sore: The rib joints can becom inflamed just like any other joint. Warm soaks and drugs like Ibuprofen seem to work best. Treatments for Pain on Right Side under Ribs. Because abdominal pain beneath the ribs may be caused by a variety of conditions it may require further study to diagnose the root of your discomfort. Those that suspect they have suffered a rib injury should consult a doctor as quickly as possible. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Lin on rib cage is sore: You MAY have a broken rib or something else. Please see your doc. He/she will help you figure it out. Exercising program may need changing but your doc will help you sort that out. Peace and good health.

There are various causes for pain around rib cage and the presentation of symptoms also varies according to the cause. In most of the less severe cases, the pain around rib cage results from strained muscles due to coughing, overstretching or postural changes. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and complications of pain around rib cage. "Why are my ribs and abdomen sore to the touch?". There is pain in my ribs and abdomen that only shows up when I touch a certain area that is at the bottom of my ribs. If I don't touch it, it doesn't hurt. What does this mean? Some kind of a bone issue or bruise that I don't know about? Working out leads to a lot of soreness at times. While it's easy to assume that some of the pain originates in your ribs, it is usually just your sore muscles. With some techniques and stretches, you can lower your chances of experiencing bad pain near your ribs after working out.

Rib cage pain refers to the discomfort and pain that is felt in the ribs. There can be many reasons which lead to the development of this condition. Identification of the cause of the disease is essential to provide proper treatment. What are the Causes of Rib Cage Pain? Rib.

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