Surrak Dragonclaw Commander Deck ::
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Surrak Dragonclaw Commander / EDH MTG Deck.

My problem is right now I run a competitive Teneb deck and it gets so much hate as it is a reanimator-combo deck. From what I heard maelstrom gets hate right off the bat so I want tp run RUG with a sleeper commander and I play alot of EDH and havent seen a deck around Surrak. Deck with Surrak Dragonclaw. Surrak Dragonclaw. $2.29. $1.23. Type Distribution. View As commander As card Average deck Links Gatherer Scryfall Aetherhub Archidekt. This deck is balanced to play against the 4 other Khans of Tarkir I have built. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant Narset, Enlightened Master Zurgo Helmsmasher Anafenza, the Foremost Each has another optional commander for flavor Shaman of the Great Hunt or Yasova Dragonclaw fun to randomize who plays what deck for all out war 5 player commander lends itself to Star as well. Surrak Dragonclaw Commander - Morph Theme. Surrak Dragonclaw. $1.79. $1.32. 5 decks 0.002% Rank 126. Average Type Distribution. View As commander As card Average deck Themes Pod Dragon Tribal. Surrak Dragonclaw deck designed as a twin/kiki exarch combo with some value added in form of best possible cards in my opinion for duel commander in temur colors. It's still under construction and needs further testing. I'll appreciate constructive input. Btw manabase is a bit budget missing original dual lands, cause they cost a fortune.

My main goal this prerelease is to try and get a [[Surrak Dragonclaw]] since being countered has always been something I despise not to mention the other great stuff he does. Any great card combos I'm not seeing with him that people can suggest? I'm planning on making him my main deck so I'm trying to make him as best as possible. Surrak never became khan, but instead the Hunt Caller of the Atarka, the one responsible for leading hunting missions as specified by the Dragonlord, and her chief feeder. In this timeline, his epic confrontation is against a dragon, who tried to steal the meat Surrak and his party hunted for Atarka. [~ $100 Budget] surrak Dragonclaw Deck Primer. Hey r/edh!. The only thing that really sucks is that in a fit of depression, he tore apart every single commander deck he had and slotted them away in binders. I wish I could have just one deck that was his. I miss my edh buddy. Surrak Dragonclaw Commander decks Page 1 of 1Deck Name Player Event Date Position; Surrak Dragonclaw: plampkin: MTGO Commander Challenge: 18/11/2018. Most played cards in Surrak Dragonclaw: 21 Decks. Scalding Tarn. 21 copies - 1 average Counterspell. 21 copies - 1 average Command Tower. 21 copies - 1 average Mana Leak. 21. Shape Anew – Flash Matters with Surrak EDHREC relies on ads to pay server costs and fund new features. Please consider supporting us by adding EDHREC to your adblock's whitelist.

EDH / Commander decklists for Surrak Dragonclaw. 25 decks 0.010% Rank 138. Surrak Dragonclaw was perfect for that since not only can it not be countered, but it is also an efficient clock that has flash, meaning you can always keep up mana for counterspells, and it would be the perfect way to break ground in a draw-go scenario. Commander, Commander AKH, Deck Tech, RUG, Surrak Dragonclaw, Temur. Magic: The Gathering Net Decks, Metagame analysis, Legacy, Modern, Vintage, Standard, Extended and Block Decks, Deckcheck, RSS-Feed and more. commander gameplay, edh gameplay, erebos god of the dead, God-Eternal Kefnet, marath will of the wild, mtg muddstah, surrak dragonclaw Read More » Shape Anew – Flash Matters with Surrak May 24, 2019 by Willem-Jan Rensink. Deck Surrak Dragonclaw - Commander. Detalhes do deck Commander Surrak Garra de Dragão. Cards Realm. Login. Artigos. Decks. Torneios. Metagame. Forum. Surrak Dragonclaw. Último deck vencedor. Main Deck 1 Decks Feitiços € 0,38. 1.0 cópias em média em 100.0% dos decks. € 0,33.

My Surrak Dragonclaw Deck I'm not 100% sure why but I feel like my list is incomplete. I need to make a few cuts, and I just can't figure out what needs to go, what needs to. Hey all, So I have wanted to build a [[Surrak Dragonclaw]] deck for a while, and now I finally have the ability to do so. However, before ordering most of the cards I need, I wanted to run the deck by all of you first, as I guarantee there are some cards that are better than what I am currently running, and I need help cutting some cards out.

12.03.2018 · New store, new friends, new decks, and a theme! This week we go back to one of the blocks that brought us some of those lovely fetchlands, Khans of Tarkir! Join Kai, Pat, James, and myself as we.EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander.12.09.2014 · I'm with the OP. Commander is not just about winning as easily as you can, it's about having fun to me anyway. It's about the flavor and the laughing and good times. Surrak Dragonclaw is not the "best" Commander in his colors, but he can kill a bear in one punch! I will be doing a whacky deck.Surrak Dragonclaw V1.0. Got bored of Mina and Denn, so used alot of cards from it to make surrak. Better description to come once I figure out where its going. This deck is Commander / EDH legal. Rarity main - side 10 - 0 Mythic Rares. 30 - 0 Rares. 24 - 0 Uncommons. 17 - 0 Commons.
  1. 03.04.2015 · Here is a deck I put together with a budget of cents under $30. This deck appears to be fairly playable in a multiplayer meta, and may be better than the offered official precons for EDH. Testing.
  2. Updated Apr 22, 2018 by HeroInMyOwnMind using our MTG Deck Builder. Surrak Dragonclaw.
  1. Updated Dec 01, 2019 by Refstg using our MTG Deck Builder. First run at making a Surrak deck. I think I have too many lands. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. 12.01.2016 · This deck wants to get into the battle and smash peoples faces but at the same time being able to hold off the more competitive spell slinging decks out there. The lovely Surrak Dragonclaw gives us great colors to work with and great utility. I honestly don't know why I don't see him more often.

Surrak Dragonclaw - let's brainstorm a great deck.

This combination leads us to the flashiest commander of them all: Surrak Dragonclaw. His EDHREC main page shows that Surrak is most often built as a goodstuff Temur deck, probably because his set of abilities isn’t quite specific enough to push him in any particular direction. Surrak Dragonclaw deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering MTG. EDH/Commander Deck Archetype- Stompy Surrak Dragonclaw Stomping with Surrak On the home world of Sarkhan Vol we have learned that it is ruled by five different clans on Tarkir. Today we will talk about the Temur clan lead by Surrak Dragonclaw. Surrak is a very ruthless leader for his clan with master magic in blue,red and green mana. Surrak Dragonclaw can't be countered. Creature spells you control can't be countered. Other creatures you control have trample. Flavor: Both his rank and his scars were earned in. I used to have a Maelstrom Wanderer deck, and the Temur legend could serve as a replacement. Then the Temur khan, Surrak Dragonclaw, got revealed. I was initially underwhelmed. It isn't that Surrak is a bad card- far from it. I can work with a bad card. Surrak is a very good card- designed for traditional, sixty-card competitive formats.

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